It's always a pleasure doing business without plastic!

Did you know that many businesses across Canada want to take the first step in reducing their plastic waste footprint, but do not know where to start?

Mind Your Plastic has created the Plastic Awareness and Reduction Toolkits (PART) with the intention of providing a guide for Canadian businesses on how to reduce their plastic waste. The toolkits encourage businesses to identify and address areas where plastic reduction is possible.

The toolkits offer a step-by-step process of how to:

  1. Perform a waste audit and analyze the business’ plastic waste weak spots
  2. Rethink, reduce, and reuse packaging
  3. Select better material alternatives
We have developed Plastic Awareness and Reduction Toolkits (PART) for four Canadian industries. These four sectors were selected due to their clear connection to single-use plastic waste, in both internal and consumer-facing operations:


Office and Administration




Partner with businesses from each sector to pilot and implement the strategies outlined, as well as measure the progress made by each business


Expand the scope of industries covered by the toolkits to include transportation and logistics, construction, and event-planning sectors.


Provide these toolkits as a resource for businesses across Canada to collaborate and look inward at their operations to make the necessary changes and improve their plastic waste footprint.

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