Plastic waste is everyone's business.
Our toolkits can help yours solve it.

Reducing plastic waste is possible, even for businesses.

Our Plastic Awareness and Reduction Toolkits help your business start reducing plastic use and waste  in a cost-effective way. 

Our toolkits show you how to:

      1. Perform a waste audit & detect weak points

      2. Identify plastic alternatives to switch to

      3. Find workplace avenues for plastic packaging reuse

Need help reducing plastic waste in your business?

Our toolkits can be used in the following business streams:

Program Partners

Special thanks to our program partners that we are working with to implement PART principles.

Program Supporters

We want to thank our partners who are supporting the PART program.


Office and Administration




Partner with businesses from each sector to pilot and implement the strategies outlined, as well as measure the progress made by each business


Expand the scope of industries covered by the toolkits to include transportation and logistics, construction, and event-planning sectors.


Provide these toolkits as a resource for businesses across Canada to collaborate and look inward at their operations to make the necessary changes and improve their plastic waste footprint.

Your support helps us reduce corporate plastic pollution.