Youth are the future of Canada!

Did you know that every minute, one dump truck of plastic enters our oceans? The plastic pollution crisis is one that is incredibly pervasive, but Mind Your Plastic is trying to fix that through direct action and education centered around creating a circular economy.

Less than 10% of plastic produced in the world is recycled, we need to do more to keep plastic out of our environment. While cleanups are the obvious way to remove it, unfortunately, much of what is collected ends up in landfills again, which inevitably makes it’s way back into our environment, wreaking havoc on wildlife and eventually, us!

The Circular Economy Ambassador Program (CEAP) is an annual program that Canadian teachers bring into their classrooms to educate children and youth about the harmful effects of plastic pollution and what they can do to have a positive impact. 

The CEAP combines classroom education with a community cleanup and data tracking activity to give students first-hand experience with their localized issues related to plastic pollution. The data is added to our national database and used to influence municipal policy change.

Included in the program materials are municipal specific waste management guidelines to divert as much as possible from landfill. Plastics that can’t be recycled are sent to one of our partners to turn the trash into treasure!

When you join the Circular Economy Ambassador Program, you get to:


Join teachers and students across Canada in cleaning up our communities and making a difference for our environment.



The program provides everything needed to bring the important topic of plastic pollution and the importance of a circular economy to the classroom.


Reusable cleanup materials, like gloves and bags, are included for free! Student participants can also receive volunteer hours!


Here's what past teachers have to say about the program:

2023/2024 Program Supporters

Special thanks to the organizations listed below for their support of this program. We would also like to thank our previous partners and supporters.

We are still seeking more supporters to help us educate 5,000 students!

2022 Recycling Partners

Special thanks to our program partners below who are participating in this year’s Circular Economy Ambassador Program.

2022 Program Supporters

Special thanks to the organizations listed below for the support of this program.

Your $100 donation supports 5 student’s participation!

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