Learn why this is our best tool to end plastic pollution in Canada.

Plastic pollution is a huge problem in Canada. And less than 10% is recycled worldwide.

But when teachers empower young people to take direct action and end this problem, we invest in a plastic-free future. This program combines classroom education with community cleanups, building a direct link between students and opportunities for impact in their areas.

 Our annual Circular Economy Ambassador Program helps teachers:

      1. Educate students in Canada on plastic pollution

      2. Learn how to divert waste from landfills

      3. Empower students to make an impact 

The impact of this work is immediate, as insights from it inform Mind Your Plastic’s municipal policy advocacy work.

Our Circular Economy Ambassador Program helps teachers:


Join teachers and students across Canada in cleaning up our communities and making a difference for our environment.


The program provides everything needed to bring the important topic of plastic pollution and the importance of a circular economy to the classroom.


Reusable cleanup materials, like gloves and bags, are included for free! Student participants can also receive volunteer hours!

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2024 Program Supporters

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2022 Recycling Partners

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2022 Program Supporters

Special thanks to the organizations listed below for the support of this program.

When you donate $100, you fund programming for five students.