Plastic pollution is a global problem that can only be solved if we all work together on a local level. We must be part of the solution – not part of the problem.

It is not only important to raise awareness of the impact of plastic pollution within each community, in all available languages, but it is important to retell the story in different ways so that it resonates within each community.

Step 1 | Never Stop Learning

Educate yourself about single-use plastics and share our educational efforts when possible.

“People might not care, even if they know, but they can’t care if they don’t know”.

Step 2 | Support Our Initiatives​

Eradicating plastic impact in Canada helps clean up the rest of the world. Plastic likes to travel – let’s make sure it doesn’t get the chance.

  • Shoreline clean-ups, which are open to the public
  • Education for communities and schools
  • Solutions for collected plastics. We process it and ensure it doesn’t become litter again.

Step 3 | Encourage Action Through Education

Knowing exactly what the problem is helps breed inspiration and determination – especially in youth.

Our Outreach program ensures the facts are known. We connect with schools all over Canada and share important details on how plastics affect our oceans, and what we can do about it.

Step 4 | Join Our Team

Located across Canada, our team is committed towards making Canada’s future plastic-free.

"The Earth is what we all have in common" .