Don’t invite plastic to your party
Partner with us on policy to eliminate plastic pollution in Canada.

Canada is working to end the use of single-use plastics. Municipal policy can help support it.

Mind Your Plastic is helping municipalities address plastic pollution at community events. 

Plastic-free events help us: 

     1. Reduce waste 

     2. Adopt reusable options 

     3. Effect local change 

By creating policy on single-use plastics, we reduce plastic waste at your community events. Help us eliminate plastic pollution at the local level.

Town of Ajax, Ontario

Mind Your Plastic has partnered with the Town of Ajax to create a custom Plastic Awareness and Reduction Toolkit to support the town’s reduction of plastic waste at municipal events. 

This toolkit gives the Ajax community insight into how to host sustainable events, and circular alternatives to avoid plastics altogether.

Your support helps us accelerate change at the municipal level.