Have fun without inviting plastic to the party!

Did you know that a summer season of outdoor festivals and events on municipal property in a city the size of Montreal, Quebec can produce up to 45,000 tonnes of waste annually?

Following the federal government’s ban of six commonly-used single-use plastic items, Mind Your Plastic recognized that there is far more work to be done to address the significant plastic pollution problem that is dangerous to the health of our environment.

We aim to collaborate with municipalities that are interested in addressing that plastic pollution problem that is exacerbated by community events serving thousands of people who dispose of millions of single-use, disposable items.

The Plastic-Free Event Policy is an initiative that connects Mind Your Plastic with Canadian municipalities to promote the reduction of single-use plastic at public events. 

Goal of the Policy


Demonstrate and promote the opportunities to reduce plastic waste at the community-level


Explain the social, economic, and health benefits of embracing reusable packaging systems at municipal events


Use this experience to learn and gain knowledge about building sustainable partnerships with municipal cities

Partnership with the Town of Ajax

Mind Your Plastic is excited to announce its partnership with the Town of Ajax. Together, both partners are collaborating to create a Plastic Awareness and Reduction Toolkit (PART) to reduce plastic waste generated at municipal events. 

The Town of Ajax is in Durham Region located in the eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area, on the north shore of Lake Ontario. With a population of approximately 127,000, Ajax proudly hosts inclusive and innovative events throughout the year to celebrate the richness and diversity of their community. 

Help us accelerate change at the municipal level!