10 Questions With March’s #LocalHero: Kieryn Matthews!

Today we’d like to highlight Kieryn Matthews, Environmental Education Program Manager and the #LocalHero this month! Growing up on Coast Salish Territory surrounded by the ocean-inspired Kieryn’s love of nature and passion for sustainability. This led her to obtain a degree in Environmental Science from Simon Fraser University. Kieryn has almost seven years of experience […]

Plastic Alternatives Guide

Looking towards plastic alternatives   Have you heard the news? In December of 2021, a draft proposal was released that would ban six single-use plastic items. Following the release of the proposed Single-Use Plastic Prohibition Regulations the federal government has published a report to provide Guidance for Selecting Alternatives to the Single-Use Plastics. The guide […]

Sustainable Shopping; Which Grocery Bag is Best?

Image from sampli.com We all know single use plastics are not environmentally friendly and with Canada’s single use plastic ban coming into play, hopefully they will become a thing of the past. However, despite the recent increase in awareness, the average Canadian still uses 700 plastic bags a year. What’s the actual impact of these […]

Wake up Canada! It’s Time to Face the Waste.

Every time you drink from a plastic bottle, rip open a food package and sip from a straw, do you wonder where they go afterwards? The youth are the future of Canada, therefore it’s never been more important to ensure they are well educated on the issue of plastic pollution. This year, Plastic Oceans Canada […]

Reducing our consumption this Christmas

I absolutely love the Christmas holidays; the food, the decorations and the festive cheer. Now I am no scrooge, but what I am a bit humbug about is the amount of waste that is left over. Household waste can increase more than 25% in the holiday season so it’s time to start looking at a […]

Making sense of green labels

Compostable, biodegradable and bioplastics. All these green terms are becoming so integrated into our lifestyle and are often used interchangeably, but do we actually know what they mean? More importantly, are these products a good plastic alternative and as environmentally friendly as they say? Or are we being greenwashed? This area is truly a minefield […]

Our Convenience Culture Is Killing Our Oceans

With takeout options in abundance and food delivery at the touch of our fingertips, we are using more and more single use items. Plastic items from take-out food and beverages are largely dominating global litter so it’s time to start addressing our take-out culture. Let’s think for a moment about our own take-out habits. For […]

Putting Pollution on the Map – Eyesea

Today, we have a fantastic organization we’d love to spotlight, one that is making waves across the world in the fight to reduce plastic pollution, Eyesea. In our first #SaturdaySpotlight feature, we reached out to the founder of Eyesea to learn more about their new app and to have them share their story with us […]

How Can We Reduce Our Plastic Footprint Whilst Travelling?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the world slowly opening up again, more and more of us will be travelling farther afield this holiday period and taking a much needed vacation. I know a vacation is a time to relax but unfortunately it seems that tourism is a driving factor in the increase of […]

Navigating the Recycling System

Image from NS Packaging We live in a world that’s telling us to be greener, to care for the environment and to do our bit. Often, we hear that one of the best ways we can play as an individual is by recycling. Just to clarify, recycling is the process of turning waste materials into […]