10 Questions with June’s #LocalHero, Nudi Girls

Local Hero

1)  Tell us a bit about you We are Sara, Alanna, and Jenn – a group of scuba divers who love exploring the underwater world in Nova Scotia and around the world. Within the Nova Scotia dive community, we are known as the “nudi girls” due to our love for nudibranchs, which are shell-less sea […]

10 Questions with May’s #LocalHero, Litter Ridder

our local hero

1)Tell us a bit about Yourself I am an eco-entrepreneur baby boomer and Madi is an eco-entrepreneur Gen Z hippy, together we are the new eco-dream team. Mother and daughter duo in business to fight litter pollution from the ground up. Our story began when we moved out of the big city (Toronto) core and […]

10 Questions with April’s #LocalHero, Kevin Morin

Reduce plastic pollution

1) Tell us a bit about Yourself I am a small-scale farmer who has been concerned about the environment since high school. I advocate for a decentralized, local economy, and try as much as possible to eat local even out of season. I find that food is an excellent avenue to get people turned on […]

10 Questions with March’s #LocalHero, Jennifer

Local Hero

1)  Tell us a bit about yourself!  I am currently finishing my last year of undergrad specializing in Finance at the University of Ottawa. One interest of mine is volunteering. Specifically, I am involved with a club called Enactus on campus where students run social enterprises and projects. I am a co-project manager for Poly […]

10 Questions With February’s #LocalHero – Bruce Timms!

1) Tell us a bit about yourself! My name is Bruce Timms. My partner, Coral, and I live in St.Catharines, near the Welland Canal, on the St.Lawrence Seaway. I am a veteran municipal politician, Regional Councillor for St.Catharines on Niagara Regional Council from 1991-2018,  and a retired Professional Engineer. I have a daughter who is […]

10 Questions with January’s #LocalHero, Yasmin!

Today, we’d like to highlight Yasmin. 1) Tell us a bit about yourself! My name is Yasmin and I came to Canada in 2016 with a Work and Travel visa. It was my plan to stay only for a year, but that changed. I fell in love with nature here in Vancouver and my partner […]

10 Questions with December’s #LocalHero, Johannes & Atya!

  1) Tell us a bit about yourself! My name is Johannes Fast. I was born in a small Swedish town called Mora, situated on the edge of a prehistoric impact crater that created the crescent moon-shaped lake we used to go swimming in as kids. My grandmother taught me how to fish, and as […]

10 Questions with November’s #LocalHero, Joe Arko!

Joe Arko

Today, we’d like to highlight Joe Arko, a Mindset & Life Performance Coach, International Speaker, Proud Pa-Pa & Spouse, and the #LocalHero for this month! 1) Tell us a bit about yourself! I’m Joe Arko — a spouse to an incredible wife, a father to two amazing kids, and an avid outdoorsman who likes to […]

10 Questions with July’s #LocalHero, Etienne Loney!

Today we’d like to highlight Etienne Loney from Clear Your Gear, A local group from Manitoba that has started a nationwide recycling program for the proper disposal of used fishing lines.  Etienne is part of the team that makes the bins you see across Canada. Once the line is disposed of in one of Clear […]

10 Questions with May’s #LocalHero Thomas!

Previously we have had local heroes that dove to the bottom of lakes to retrieve discarded items, or remove fishing nets, others have changed their industry by providing sustainable equipment, some have even shared personal quests to change their own impact on the world. This month, we are featuring Thomas a 6-year-old boy from Ontario […]