10 Questions with May’s #LocalHero Thomas!

Previously we have had local heroes that dove to the bottom of lakes to retrieve discarded items, or remove fishing nets, others have changed their industry by providing sustainable equipment, some have even shared personal quests to change their own impact on the world. This month, we are featuring Thomas a 6-year-old boy from Ontario has decided to make his own impact in his community with his passion for the health of our oceans by selling Krispy Kreme Donuts to raise money for ocean conservation. With a goal of selling 1,002 donuts, Thomas blew past that number with a record 1080 donuts sold! He hopes to donate the profits of the fundraiser to organizations like Plastic Oceans Canada!


1) Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi! My name is Thomas. I like lots of different things. I like Pokemon, weekends, skateboarding, climbing trees, parkour and swimming! I live in Toronto with mommy and daddy and my little brother.

2) What motivated you to start selling donuts for our oceans?

When I learned that too many people were putting plastic in the ocean I wanted to help. We can’t clean the ocean ourselves because we live in Ontario and even if I was at the ocean my parents would only let me go in shallow water and I can’t clean up the ocean by myself. I wanted to sell donuts because they are yummy and no one would come if I sold broccoli or tomatoes or carrots.

3) Can you tell us why having a clean ocean is so important?

Because the ocean gives us a lot of resources and it cleans our air. I also like the animals in the ocean and I want them to be safe.

4) What actions do you take to help the environment, and why are they so important?

When I leave my room I turn off the lights because I try not to waste electricity. After I wash my hands I turn off the tap because I don’t want to waste water. I try to not waste my food because animals died for me and the farmers did a lot of work for it. It’s important because it helps the environment because the resources won’t be there forever and we need to learn how to save it properly. 

5) What challenges or obstacles do you face when pursuing your goals?

My goal is to sell 1002 donuts but that is a lot of donuts. I don’t know 1002 people. And some people might not want to buy them because they might be allergic to sugar. 

6) How do you keep yourself motivated?

I think about the little fishies and dolphins. And it is motivating when I get to count all my donut orders!



7) Who inspires you in terms of activism and making a difference?

Mark Rober inspired me to help the ocean. I saw him on Youtube. Wild Kratz also helped me learn about nature and want to help it. At school I learned from my teacher about energy and the environment.

8) What has been your favourite experience doing this so far?

I’ve enjoyed figuring out how many donuts I have sold because it’s fun doing math. And I like drawing my ‘Keep the Oceans Clean’ poster. 

9) What was something that surprised you while trying to maintain your goal?

It is surprising how much money I have raised already. It is surprising that sometimes people buy donuts but don’t want to eat them. And some people are donating extra money!

10) Do you have any recommendations for people wanting to make a difference in their communities?

Try and think of something that you like and is important to you and try to raise money for that. Ask your parents to help you fundraise because it’s hard to do it yourself. The more people that can help the more you can raise! You just need to try your best!



Thank you, Thomas, for sharing your progress and journey!

Know anyone that you think could be our next #LocalHero? Let us know below!

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