10 Questions with May’s #LocalHero, Litter Ridder

1)Tell us a bit about Yourself

I am an eco-entrepreneur baby boomer and Madi is an eco-entrepreneur Gen Z hippy, together we are the new eco-dream team. Mother and daughter duo in business to fight litter pollution from the ground up. Our story began when we moved out of the big city (Toronto) core and went for a walk. Shocked by the amount of litter we encountered we felt we had to pick it up so we could enjoy the true beauty of our new community. As the weeks went by our walk got littered again. It was then we knew we had a bigger problem! The more we researched the issue the more we learned about the devastating effect litter has on the environment. We felt compelled to come up with a practical solution so everyone could participate, considering the consequences of litter pollution affects us all. Our solution was a backpack specifically designed for collecting litter, to make it easy, handsfree and fun. The beauty of our invention is that it raises awareness to the problem and allows everyone to get involved, the magic is that it acts as a catalyst changing one’s habits to make more eco-friendly choices in other aspects of their life.

our local hero

2) What inspired you to start getting involved with the issue of plastic pollution?

 From the realization that the great majority of the litter we find in the environment is made of plastic. 

3) What specific actions/steps do you take to help the environment? 

We spread awareness to our litter problem by being very visible in the community while collecting litter ourselves.

picking trash from community

4) Why is a plastic-pollution-free environment important to you?

Quite simply it is poisoning us via our soil, water and air.

5) What challenges or obstacles do you face when pursuing your goals?

Organizations responsible for the litter making it almost impossible to get in touch with them. The larger the corporation the more difficult it is.

6) How do you keep yourself motivated? 

It’s from the satisfaction of cleaning up an area that was previously littered with trash. 

7) Who inspires you in terms of activism and making a difference?

Gen Z inspires me.

plastic waste in our community

8) What has been your favourite experience on this journey so far?

Connecting with the individuals and groups that are working hard at cleaning up our environment.

9) What was something that surprised you during your journey?

There is far more litter out there than meets the eye. There are decades of plastic waste underfoot. 

10) Do you have any recommendations for people wanting to make a difference in their community?

Start by picking up a few pieces of litter while out for a walk, you will be surprised how good it makes you feel.

plastic waste collected by local

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