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Our partners are so important to our mission of eliminating plastic pollution, we truly couldn’t do it without them. We’ve been partnered with Open Coast Gin since 2022, working together to achieve #PlasticFreeLandAndSeas and we asked them why the work we do is so important to them. Keep reading to learn more about Open Coast […]

The Danger of Keeping Business as Usual in Fast Food

Tim Hortons Sharewares picture

When we think about how change can happen at the global level to reduce single-use waste, we know that large, multinational corporations play an integral role. Some of the restaurants that are built into our everyday routines as Canadians have to get on board to be a part of this change. Sharewares’ reuse model for […]

Great Initiative by the City of Nanaimo Towards a Plastic-free Future

1)  Tell us a bit about yourself and the city of Nanaimo I was educated in Civil Engineering; experienced in operations, project, and program management for the first 20 years of my career. In the past eight years, I have worked in the public sector managing waste education, and solid waste collection programs in the […]

Great Initiative by Town of Ajax

Responses from Cameron Richardson, Supervisor of Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change, Town of Ajax   1) Tell us a bit about yourself and/or the Town of Ajax  Cameron received his Master of Science (M.Sc. – biology) from the University of Guelph and has been working in the public sector as a sustainability and conservation professional for over […]

10 Questions with Our Revolutionary Partner: Rethink Bioclean.

1)  Tell us about your organization.    ReThink BioClean is a revolutionary company offering cleaning supplies, equipment and products focusing on a zero waste model.  We provide a unique refillery system for cleaning supplies, to help customers become part of the zero waste and plastic free movement.  We supply and bulk-fill our cleaning chemical tanks […]

On-site Reusables Policy

Plastic pollution is a complicated problem that requires innovative thinking and policy solutions. Recently, we’ve seen Canadian governments take many different approaches to tackle the issue of plastic waste. From organizing local repair workshops to banning single-use items, governments of all levels are pushing the change in our packaging and consumption habits. People may be […]

The New “BYO” Trend

We’ve all heard the term BYOB, but there’s a new “BYO” in town that has a goal of minimizing harmful single-use items and the last letter is up to you! The BYO movement encourages customers to bring their own containers to be safely filled on-site at various food and retail locations. Customers can opt to […]

10 Questions with September’s #LocalHero, Haley Higdon!

  1) Tell us a bit about yourself and why you love the #plastic-free movement?  My name is Haley Higdon and I am a guest and settler on Turtle Island (North America). I am the Program Director for Natural Curiosity, an environmental and Indigenous education initiative at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University […]

Plastic In The Cannabis Industry

Weeding Out Plastic Waste in the Cannabis Industry The cannabis industry has been a hot topic since the legalization of marijuana in Canada in 2018, but there’s one facet of the industry that isn’t often discussed– the plastic waste. The reality is that cannabis is a growing industry with strict packaging guidelines and requires the […]

Plastic-Free Community Events

With summer upon us and COVID-19 restrictions continuing to decrease, many people are looking towards outdoor community events and festivals as an opportunity to enjoy the weather and meet with friends. These events are important, as they are great economic drivers for municipalities and local business owners alike. However, there is one major problem with […]