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Our partners are so important to our mission of eliminating plastic pollution, we truly couldn’t do it without them. We’ve been partnered with Open Coast Gin since 2022, working together to achieve #PlasticFreeLandAndSeas and we asked them why the work we do is so important to them. Keep reading to learn more about Open Coast Gin!

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1) Tell us a bit about your business.

Open Coast Gin Co. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated business founded in the east coast of Canada. Our mission is simple: we want to make a Canadian Dry Gin that connects Canadians from coast to coast all while trying to give back to the resources that give back so much to us. Part of how we are fulfilling this mission is through donating part of our annual proceeds from Open Coast Gin to Mind Your Plastics.

2) What inspired you to start getting involved with the issue of plastic pollution?

Plastic pollution has really affected everyone. For so long, commercial industries have created products that didn’t have sustainability in mind. At Open Coast Gin Co., feel like plastic pollution is an easy step any company, including ours, can make in order to help stride towards a better future and reduce pollution in general. So our company is taking steps to reduce the use of plastic, especially 1 time use. We are not experts in this field so we lean on experts like Mind Your Plastic to learn more about what we can do and in turn, we provide resources to help them as well.

3) What types of challenges do you face with plastic reduction and elimination in your industry?

Our industry leans a lot on value adds as part of promotions in store level. While that helps drive sales, there is quite a bit of plastic that is used to either hang items off of our products, be it Open Coast Gin or others. The challenge is finding an economical way, outside of plastic, that will help us meet the same goal. I’m sure that there are developments happening but there currently isn’t as many viable choices.

4) Why did you choose to support Mind Your Plastic specifically?

We have a lot of pride in our Open Coast Gin being made in Canada so we were searching for an organization that not only aligned with our values but also helped the Canadian coastline. We live in a country with the largest coastline so we felt like it was a great start to begin our journey to help the environment with an organization that was close to home.

5) Why should businesses care about eliminating plastic waste?

Plastic pollution affects everyone. We have gone for a very long time without consider the fact that we use a lot of single-use plastic items. If we continue to use plastic the way we have been, not only would it be not sustainable for the human population, but our marine animals and soon land animals will also be in danger. So if every single business started to take steps in reducing plastic, I think this can make a huge impact and difference in the pollution happening now. That’s what we are striving for at Open Coast Gin – to make sure we are doing our part in helping eliminate plastic and part of that mandate is partnering with great organizations like Mind Your Plastic.

6) Do you think perspectives on plastic elimination/plastic elimination strategies need to change? Is there more people should know?

I think globally, we are all taking good first steps in the right direction to reduce and eliminate plastic. I’m not sure if the strategies need to change but I think as we eliminate plastic, we should also be looking for more sustainable and economical solutions in lieu of using plastic. At Open Coast Gin Co., we are striving to ensure that we are not only bringing this to the forefront within our own company but also sharing our partnership with Mind Your Plastic within the industry.

7)  What does a world with more programs like Mind Your Plastic’s look like to you?

With more education and proactive ways of dealing with plastic pollution, I feel like the next generation will have a different outlook on plastic use. This was never a hot topic when the current working population was in school but educational programs like Mind Your Plastic’s Circular Economy Ambassador program can better equip the next generation with tools and the right mindset to be proactive on plastic pollution.

8) What have you learned working with Mind Your Plastic? 

Mind Your Plastic has really opened our eyes to how much plastic is being used by businesses. It is a topic that is not often talked about within businesses unless it is within their mission statement – like ours at Open Coast Gin Co. I think what we have learned is that we need to take steps as a business to reduce plastic use and in turn, that can really help make an impact on the environment.

9) Follow-Up: Has Mind Your Plastic changed your perspective on tackling plastic elimination?

Mind Your Plastic hasn’t necessarily changed the perspective on tackling plastic pollution here at Open Coast Gin Co., as that is something our company has wanted to make one of our core pillars and missions. However, Mind Your Plastic has definitely equipped us with more tools that can assist with taking the right steps and make the changes we need to in order to help with plastic reduction and elimination.

10) Do you have any recommendations for people wanting to make a difference in their community?

Just being more cognisant of the different plastic products being used within their homes will make a huge difference. Supporting companies and even supporting local businesses like Open Coast Gin Go., that have a mission to reduce or eliminate plastic is a great way to start! I think plastic pollution is one issue in the overall pollution levels of the world but if each household just took one small step like drinking more tap water instead of bottled water or investing in rain barrels to water their plants; all those small steps will begin to make big differences in our world

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