Great Initiative by the City of Nanaimo Towards a Plastic-free Future

1)  Tell us a bit about yourself and the city of Nanaimo

I was educated in Civil Engineering; experienced in operations, project, and program management for the first 20 years of my career. In the past eight years, I have worked in the public sector managing waste education, and solid waste collection programs in the city of Victoria and Nanaimo. I am passionate about waste reduction with in-depth knowledge of reducing waste & pollution and comprehensive knowledge in designing efficient collection programs.

2) Why did you choose to partner with Mind Your Plastic?

To learn and implement new waste and specifically plastic pollution reduction programs.

3) Why is a plastic pollution-free environment important to Nanaimo?

Plastic waste burdens our economy and threatens the health of the environment, including wildlife, rivers, lakes, oceans, and human life. As a hub city and with the longest coastline per capita in Canada, Nanaimo can play a big role and has the opportunity to make a difference.

4) Why do you think it’s important to change policies for plastic waste at events?

Because many people attend major public events, and in addition to reducing and properly managing the waste produced in the events, it is an opportunity to educate and influence the right waste reduction behaviors.

5) What has PFEP brought to the table in terms of challenging this issue?

Plastic-Free Event Policy will reach beyond banned items and could encompass condiment sachets and disposable plastic packets, plastic hot and cold beverage cups, plastic water bottles, and plastic wraps.

6) Why do you think it is important to start these policy initiatives at the municipal level versus at the federal level? Why does community action matter?

Municipalities are overseeing the public events in their jurisdictions and should directly get involved in implementing such policies by engaging their communities.

7) There is a large focus within municipalities to solve problems with recycling, how much do you think we should be focusing on reduction or reusing as a way to tackle this issue?

Waste Reduction should be the top priority and then Reuse and Recycle.

8) In your opinion, What is most impactful about the PFEP program?

Engaging and educating a big number of community members attending public events.

9) What does a world with more programs like Mind Your Plastic’s look like to you?

An intelligent word, where sustainable life is provided to all kind of lives.

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