Empower the youth of today, for a better tomorrow

When youth are empowered, they feel confident and capable, actively contribute and collaborate with their peers, and are excited to explore the world around them! Help us eliminate plastic pollution in Canada by participating in this year’s Giving Tuesday on November 29th. Every little bit helps.


"Less than 10% of plastic produced worldwide is recycled. As a result, an average of one garbage truck full of plastic enters our oceans every single minute."

We must do better for plastic free land and seas. That’s where Mind Your Plastic comes in.

We're accepting new participants for our Circular Economy Ambassador Program

Do you want to create change through educating our young leaders of the future on the harmful effects of plastic pollution and the importance of a circular economy? Join our program! The CEAP is led by teachers with resources and support provided by Mind Your Plastic. 

Mind Your Plastic is here to stop plastic pollution​

Mind Your Plastic’s mission is to solve plastic pollution. Mind Your Plastic creates change by advocating for Canadian businesses to take impactful steps towards eliminating their plastic pollution footprint, driving towards implementation of changes with government, producers, recyclers and consumers and supporting and implementing programs to clean our coastlines.

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Providing education that inspires change through direct action, advocacy, and science innovation.
“One of the most Important films of our time”
Sir David Attenborough
“Plastic Oceans Deserves the support & participation of all hope to bequeath a livable world to future generations”
Noam Chomsky
“Man-made plastics are endangering our oceans and sea life. Please join me in supporting the efforts of Plastic Oceans”
Matthew Modine