Yoshi Futai

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Yoshi has always had a deep appreciation for the natural world. Growing up, she spent her weekends exploring the beaches of Cape Cod and Maine, fostering a lifelong passion for the ocean and its biodiversity. Her connection to the outdoors inspired her to become an environmental advocate from a young age. 
In 2021, Yoshi moved to Vancouver to further pursue her passions in protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. Now entering her fourth year at the University of British Columbia, she is pursuing a degree in Environment and Sustainability. Through her studies, she has developed a keen interest in promoting sustainability through the lens of community, education, culture and lifestyle. Yoshi’s passion for the environment has led her to be actively involved in campus initiatives and student organizations. She has been involved with the UBC Sustainability Hub as a Sustainability Ambassador, where she helped develop sustainability themed workshops for local schools in the Metro Vancouver area. Yoshi is excited to take on the role of Social Media volunteer at MYP, where she can leverage her experience to engage people, companies, and fellow non-profit organizations in the organization’s mission and goals. She is thrilled to be working alongside her like-minded teammates at MYP and is committed to driving positive change in her community and beyond.