Suelyn de Oliveira​

Suelyn de Oliveira was born in Brazil, where recycling and reusing resources aren’t ingrained in daily life. An avid animal enthusiast, she prioritizes their welfare both in natural habitats and urban settings.
 Recently relocating to Canada with her family, Suelyn is navigating the nuances of language, culture, and environmental practices. Embracing the Canadian ethos of sustainability, she’s actively engaging in recycling initiatives and waste reduction efforts. This transition has underscored the importance of small actions in benefiting the broader ecosystem. Volunteering with “Mind Your Plastic,” Suelyn is dedicated to learning and disseminating strategies for reducing plastic consumption. Her ultimate goal is to impart these lessons to her children and community, fostering a culture of environmental stewardship. Committed to excellence in her endeavours, Suelyn takes pride in sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to embrace a greener lifestyle.