About the Award-Winning Documentary A Plastic Ocean

We no longer manage the licensing of the documentary , A Plastic Ocean. …..We also no longer benefit from rentals or purchase of the film.
However, it is an important film that we encourage all people to experience in order to learn about why the issue of plastic pollution is so important!


Our Charitable Purposes:


To promote the conservation and protection of the natural aquatic environment in Canada (and the world) for the benefit of the public by educating the public on the dangers of plastic waste by:

  • producing and distributing educational films, videos, documents, and other informative materials and resources; and
  • presenting lectures, workshops, seminars and group discussions.

To carry out activities ancillary and incidental to the above charitable purposes

Environmental Impact

Once in the ocean, plastic litter affects the safety of sea transport, fisheries, tourism and recreation. When broken up into tiny pieces, plastic attracts toxic chemicals released over decades from industry and agriculture, the concentration of which increases as they move up the food chain.

Exposures to these chemicals have been suggested to contribute to some cancers, and infertility, as well as immune, metabolic, cognitive and behavioural disorders. The entry of plastic pieces into our food chain is of concern to human health.

With the longest coastline in the world, but several provinces without any ocean borders, we serve all aquatic environments around and within Canada and all the people who rely on and utilize those environments

“There is no away – because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible. When you cast it into the ocean, it doesn’t go away.”
—Sir David Attenborough