Mirella Fernandes

Mirella Fernandes was born on the Brazilian coast. Since childhood, she has admired the immensity of the oceans and the rich flora and fauna they contain. With a degree in Ecology, she dedicated herself to research not only in aquatic ecosystems, but also in various terrestrial ecosystems. Specialized in Education and Environmental Sustainability, and with a master’s degree in Forestry Sciences, Mirella has extensive practical experience, addressing crucial fronts in environmental protection. She hopes to neutralize degradation and promote awareness about Environmental Preservation.

In her last role as an Educator in an Environmental Education Program for communities affected by offshore oil and gas exploration, she encountered the harsh realities of the global oceans. This has led her to advocate the replacement of plastic materials with sustainable alternatives in these communities and their cities, promoting local initiatives with the aim of achieving global results. Mirella then hopes to improve and diversify her background, facilitating the achievement of Mind Your Plastic’s objectives and mission. She now collaborates with the Mind Your Plastic team, bringing together experiences and efforts to raise awareness and reduce plastic use across Canada.