Jadzia Porter

From a young age, Jadzia Porter has been drawn to the coast by her love of oceans and the marine life within them. She was often found searching for animals in the tidal pools and running along the rocky beaches that surround her childhood home in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. As Jadzia matured and learned of the vulnerability of marine ecosystems to human action, her early fondness for the ocean grew into a mission to make a difference and contribute to the efforts that protect the aquatic world.

Jadzia went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biology, studying from coast to coast at universities in Nova Scotia and British Columbia in the pursuit of an education as refined as her ambitions. In 2021, Jadzia blended her academic and personal inclinations for the ocean as she embarked on a new goal to become a divemaster; scuba diving is a skill that she is excited to bring to the table, and it has given her a new perspective on how much plastic makes it to the ocean. Jadzia is very excited to be a part of the Mind Your Plastic team and looks forward to continuing on her mission to make a difference.