Resources For Schools

The Youth are the Future which is why we’ve created free education resources to help educate on the pressing plastic pollution issue and what we can all do to make a change.

To help you on your journey, we have compiled some of our team’s favourite resources!

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Here are some downloadable resources:

Pre Drafted Letters

"A Plastic Ocean" Education Supplement

Social Enterprise Guide

Next Steps Manual


Rethink Plastic

If you have a school group and would like to take part:

Throughout 2022

we are engaging with student groups across Canada to:

Help clean our shorelines
Learn about circular economy opportunities
Eliminate single use plastics from their lives

Find out how we can work together to reduce plastic waste and pollution. Our goal is to create change through educating our young leaders of the future on the importance of a circular economy, which is why we’ve created the Circular Economy Ambassador Program. 

Earth's Ekko Movie Poster

Youth-Based Short Film:
Earths Ekko