Fatema Mohammed

MYP Community Engagement Ambassador

Meet Fatema, a passionate Community Engagement Ambassador who has recently joined the fight against plastic pollution with Mind Your Plastic. Hailing from the vibrant capital city of Bangladesh, Fatema brings a wealth of experience from a rich background in Public Administration and Development Studies, with a major in Public Policy.

Over the past six years, Fatema has donned many hats, working tirelessly with national policy research institutes and  international non-profits. Their work has spanned across critical social issues such as WASH, urban poverty, women empowerment, violence against women and children, urban service governance, nutrition, and ICT4D.  What drives Fatema is the unyielding desire to create meaningful change in the lives of those who need it most.

As a self-proclaimed “reuse and repurpose” enthusiast, Fatema often ends up hoarding things and finds a way of using them till their last breath. When not championing environmental causes, you’ll find them buried in a book, even if it’s just a travel article in a Costco monthly magazine.

Since moving to Canada in December 2022, Fatema has been on the hunt for the perfect cozy coffee shop where coffee is served in a mug (and not in a takeaway “eco-friendly” cup with a plastic lid), and one can lose themselves in a good book or deep conversation. With an emotional connection to oceans and seas, Fatema feels a calling every time she is near the water, ready to make waves of positive change with like-minded people.