Dayanne Raffoul

Dayanne Raffoul has had a passion for marine life from a young age. Growing up on the coast of Brasil she always wondered what secrets were waiting to be discovered within that marvelous blue world. Her curiosity lead her to become a Marine Biologist and a world citizen, by fulfilling her Bachelors in Biology within Canada, and an International Masters in Marine Sciences within Europe. She pursued her education and work experiences worldwide working with sharks, marine mammals, corals, and reef fish.

Dayanne believes that there could be harmony among all the species. She has dedicated her research and educational programs to raising awareness of environmental issues that are impacting the oceans, with the aim to reach this harmonious relationship. She has lived in hostile environments to obtain data, learned three new languages to communicate with the public, and designed interactive programs to encourage youth and adults to make sustainable choices. Dayanne has witnessed firsthand the negative impacts of plastics within our oceans. Therefore, she is eager to continue this journey with Mind Your Plastic on the mission of mitigating this global issue by inspiring the public to adopt a circular economy lifestyle.