Darby Haysom

Darby Haysom MYP's Community Engagement Ambassador Lead for Halifax

Darby Haysom is a dedicated student of Sustainability and International Development at Dalhousie University, passionate about driving change through grassroots initiatives. From Edmonton, Alberta, Darby has always been drawn to the East Coast and loves living on the ocean. She has always been enthusiastic about working with local communities to create a positive impact. Her commitment to a bottom-up approach to governance reflects her belief that meaningful change starts at the community level and grows outward.

Darby’s passion for non-profit work and inclusive development is evident in her collaborative approach to problem-solving. She enjoys partnering with like-minded individuals who share her vision of adaptable and equitable development. Her studies have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of sustainability, which she seeks to apply to projects that empower local communities while promoting environmental stewardship and eliminating plastic pollution.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Darby is an adventurous spirit who loves travelling and immersing herself in new cultures. Her experiences abroad have enriched her understanding of global issues and deepened her commitment to fostering inclusive and sustainable communities. When she’s not studying or engaging in community work, you might find Darby binge-watching her favourite reality TV shows or playing with her two dogs.

Darby is thrilled to join this team and looks forward to contributing her skills and enthusiasm to advance the organization’s mission. She feels incredibly grateful for the opportunities that have come her way and is eager to continue making a meaningful impact through her work. With a heart for social justice and a drive for sustainable development, Darby is thrilled to be working with the Mind Your Plastic Team.