Sonia Dharni

Sonia is a nature geek from the Greater Toronto Area, with a huge passion for the conservation of nature and wildlife. She has a Bachelor of Environmental Studies, minor in Geography and Environmental Management, and a Diploma in Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation. Recently, Sonia pursued a Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Media Marketing, as she has dreamed of using the power of social media to inspire connection with nature through the creation of compelling content. 

Sonia is incredibly passionate about encouraging experiences in nature, as the gap between people and the natural world is widening. She hopes to inspire people to spend more time outside – whether that’s at their local conservation area, by the lake, or in their backyard – by introducing thought-provoking social media campaigns and strategies. As the Digital Marketing Coordinator, Sonia can’t wait to encourage others to take action when it comes to ocean conservation; for the sake of our beloved Canadian wildlife species and the planet.

When Sonia isn’t writing about herself in third person, you can find her hiking through the wilderness, catching the sunrise, photographing squirrels, indulging in Netflix, or spending time with her family.