Natalie Colbourne​

My passion for the ocean and everything that lives within it began at a very young age. Growing up in Ontario, I looked forward to the trips my family would take to Newfoundland every summer where I spent all my time exploring the coastline and watching whales. My love for the marine environment led me to complete an undergraduate degree at Dalhousie University in Marine Biology where I spent my time as a research assistant studying whales in Cape Breton during my summers.

I am happiest when I’m by the ocean whether it’s through scuba diving, shoreline cleanups, or studying whales. Spending time in, on, and near the ocean has allowed me to witness firsthand the plastic problem we have, especially in our oceans. It has also contributed to my passion and drive to be a part of the solution in eliminating marine debris and makes me excited to be a part of the team at Mind Your Plastic as a research assistant. I hope to encourage others to take the necessary steps to eliminate plastic from our oceans through research and educating others.