An initiative that operates with one very simple belief: We can and must act locally in order to inspire and create change on a global scale.

This program establishes long-term egalitarian relationships with partners working on projects in their local community that embrace circular principals. We believe that these localized efforts are the building blocks for creating socioeconomic and environmental change that leads to a healthier planet and more equitable society.

Through working with and supporting this diverse network of local partners, our team believes we can make an impact that is felt worldwide.


More BlueCommunities will be announced soon!


Local Engagement
Circular Focused
Micro Grants Available
What is a BlueCommunity?

What is a BlueCommunity?

A BlueCommunity is a shared coastal geographic region of any kind or size (village, town, city, province). It’s one whose local culture and economy are driven by the waterways they inhabit –  whether it’s an ocean, sea, lake or river. 

We select a BlueCommunity based on numerous criteria, but we look for those that are trying to solve plastic pollution or other sustainability issues, with those efforts driven by local stakeholders, such as NGOs, green businesses, government or community associations. We seek to partner with those that best understand the local cultural, economic and environmental dynamics; and we do so by supporting existing programs that work well, or collaborating on new ones that can benefit the community and provide inspiration for change on a global level.

UN Sustainability Goals

BlueCommunities operates in unison with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere.

To learn more about our international BlueCommunities partners you can click the link below.